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A Nightmare On Elm Street - Freddy Krueger One, Two, Freddy's coming for you...

And that he has; Freddy Krueger's been hunting down kids and teens through their dreams since 1984, over 20 years now. Funny how popular a wisecracking child murderer with a hideously burned face and razor-sharp, knife blade tipped glove became, but it happened sure enough. The Nightmare on Elm Street films became arguably the second biggest horror franchise type movies ever. People love them some Freddy. In 2003, Freddy even resurfaced to battle his other horror film maniac rival Jason Voorhees in a battle of the franchise icons. He got his dreamy ass kicked, but yet another film appearance shows that this character is here to stay... for a little while. The series has struck a cord and millions have kept the dream alive, so to speak. Maybe it's the glove, a unique weapon for certain, or the way in which Robert Englund has kept the character full of fun and energy, whatever, Freddy has certainly been the best part of most of his films, especially the latter of the series.

I will admit, not the biggest Freddy fan am I, nor will I ever be, the whole dream thing kinda ruins it for me. However, even I will admit the 1st two movies of the series are absolutely classic and are must own, must see movies. The two films showcase all that is cool about Freddy and what his nightmare world entails. After that, the movies became more like gory, funny comedies to me. Sure, all offer some cool moments, but I was never able to really get into them like the 1st two. Must be me though, 'cause everybody else loves the damn things! We've seen dream warriors, dream masters, dream child's, Freddy dead, final nightmares, and hell, I forget what else. The new dvd boxed set looks damn cool; perhaps I should give Freddy some slack and buy one. Maybe someday...

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